Pastor's Welcome Letter

The Last Best Word...

We here at Grace really do not have it all together or all figured out. We are not the most moral, obedient, or successful people. We don’t have all the answers and we don’t promise to entertain or awe you. Rather, we are a group of radical mavericks who decided to embrace this revolutionary reality of Grace that our family is named after. We fully believe that unconditional love can change the world and we believe that no one can resist unconditional love forever. That is Grace!

As you join us in our family gatherings, what we have been given we freely give to you. We have hope, we have joy, and we experience the fullness of life. We know Jesus Christ and we celebrate the death and resurrection that brings hope to people just like us and just like you. You are welcome to come as you are because all are welcome in this place. We want you to receive all the overflow of hope, joy, and life that we experience with Christ. That is Grace!

As a church we exist for those inside and outside the walls. We are not bound by a property, a building, or a Sunday gathering. We partner with the Church Globally, the city locally, and the neighborhood immediately around us. God is bigger than our family and we chase him relentlessly as he leads us to bring justice to the world and hope to the hopeless. So, we plant deep roots and extend long branches into our communities that they may experience the fullness of being loved like that. That is Grace!

We believe in the intrinsic value of every individual. You are a masterpiece, a gift, a blessing, and have a purpose. Those are written in your DNA and inscribed on your heart. We want to see your potential released and for you to find the fullness of meaning in your life. That potential and meaning is unleashed when we experience God’s grace in life with Jesus. We are at our best when we love God and love others. That’s it! It’s that simple! That is Grace!

It is an honor for us to have you here to join as we worship our Great God and King, the Savior of the world, Christ Jesus. Grace… truly is the Last Best Word and we are grateful that you are here to experience it with us!

With love and anticipation,

Pastor Nick and the GCC Family